The second Executive Council (EC) of the Maltese Association of Psychiatry was elected during the AGM of the MAP, in January 2016. The EC is made up of:

President – Dr Etienne Muscat

Vice-President and Treasurer – Dr David Mamo

Secretary – Dr Jean Pierre Giorgio

Liaison Officer and IT matters – Dr Beppe Micallef Trigona

Young Career Psychiatrists affairs and EPA Liaison – Dr Anthony Zahra

Trainee Rep – Dr Rosemarie Sacco


The duties and powers of the EC include:

  1. to promote the objectives outlined in Article 2 (i) to (v);
  2. the enrolment of members;
  3. convening the statutory AGM and other GMs;
  4. bringing before the GM any matter considered necessary;
  5. holding EC meetings as required;
  6. managing the funds of the MAP;
  7. appointing sub-committees for any specific activity or responsibility, each sub-committee shall be chaired by an EC member who shall report to the EC;
  8. co-opting of members;
  9. the interpretation of the Statute and ruling of any matter not regulated by the Statute.


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