A4MH Press Release: Solidarity with Nursing Manager blamed for System Failure

The Alliance for Mental Health stands with Nursing Manager Joseph Pace. Mr. Pace has a long history at Mount Carmel Hospital of being a pillar of resilience and support for patients and staff for over 40 years. The A4MH feels that it is uncalled for to have someone blamed for the system failure. He is known to be a dedicated and conscientious health professional who, like other professionals in the field, works under extremely challenging circumstances and has always offered his utmost. The A4MH have flagged these shortcomings in the mental health services for years and all associations involved, do feel that blaming such a dedicated and conscientious  nurse is unwarranted and unjust.  Incidents like this can and are bound to happen again if the system is not rectified and all resources necessary deployed to the mental health sector which is inundated, understaffed and underfunded. The A4MH calls for an independent hospital enquiry to investigate this and for all system shortcomings to be addressed.

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