Mental Health Talks: Meet our Speakers

The MAP’s Webinar Series 2020 featured both national and international speakers from different professional backgrounds. Click on the speakers below for their full biography.

Webinar 1: 9th November 2020

Let’s Talk about Trauma & Mental Health

Dr Walter Busuttil

Keynote Speaker

Consultant Psychiatrist & Director of Medical Services to Combat Stress, UK

Ms Sarah Cilia Vincenti

Mental Health Nurse

Webinar 2: 16th November 2020

Let’s Talk about the Body & Mental Health

Prof Luigi Grassi

Keynote Speaker

Professor & Chair of Psychiatry, Ferrara Italy

Prof Josianne Scerri

Head of Mental Health Dept, UoM

Dr Sarah Cuschieri

MD, Researcher

Webinar 3: 23rd November 2020

Let’s Talk about Loss & Mental Health

Dr Rachel Gibbons

Keynote Speaker

Consultant Psychiatrist, UK

Ms Maria Grech Debono

Systemic Family Therapist

Dr Angela Busuttil

Keynote Speaker

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Webinar 4: 30th November 2020

Let’s Talk about Self-Care and Mental Health

Dame Clare Gerada

Keynote Speaker

General Practitioner & Co-chair of the NHS Assembly, UK

Mr Pierre Galea

Community Mental Health Nurse & MAPN President

Dr Anton Grech

Consultant Psychiatrist & Clinical Chairman

Dr Kristina Bettenzana

Clinical, Academic & Research Psychologist

Webinar 5: 2nd December 2020

Let’s Talk about Teamwork & Mental Health

Dr Jose Mediavilla

Keynote Speaker

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and Member of the Child & Adolescent Faculty Executive Committee, RCPsych