New Executive Committee elected for MAP

Following our last AGM in December 2022, a new MAP Executive Committee has been elected. The MAP would like to thank the outgoing EC Members Dr Nigel Camilleri, Dr Etienne Muscat, Dr Aloisia Camilleri and Dr Maria Axiak for their (keep reading...)

There is no Health without Mental Health

The Maltese Association of Psychiatry firmly stands with parity. Any debate on indications for termination of pregnancy as a life-saving measure in the context of mental illness must be based on evidence-based scientific facts as would happen for physical illness. (keep reading...)

Press Release: Debate on Termination of Pregnancy

Press Release 29.11.2022

The Maltese Association of Psychiatry has taken note of the current debate regarding
termination of pregnancy, and the discussion about whether legal efforts to protect doctors seeking to save a mother’s life are over-reaching their stated goal. (keep reading...)

New MAPT President

The MAP would like to congratulate Dr Yanika Degiorgio on her election as President of the Maltese Association of Psychiatry and welcome her to the MAP Executive Council as Trainee Representative. We would like to thank outgoing MAPT president Dr (keep reading...)

WPA Thematic Congress 2022

The Maltese Association of Psychiatry this year collaborated with the World Psychiatry Association to organise its Thematic Congress on “New Horizons in psychiatric practice: Creative ideas and innovative interventions” held in Malta during November 10-12, 2022.

Thank you to all (keep reading...)

World Mental Health Day 2022

This year’s World Mental Health Day which is commemorated on the 10th of October each her had the theme: “Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority“. The MAP continues to strive to improve the quality (keep reading...)