You can pay your annual Membership Fee for the Maltese Association of Psychiatry here. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to learn more about MAP Membership. By clicking below you will be able to subscribe for the membership and your annual payments will be automatically deducted through PayPal. Should you wish to edit/cancel your PayPal subscription you can do so through your personal PayPal account. If you would like to pay using other methods please contact a member of the Executive Committee or contact us through this website.

Membership Options

Online CPD

Through collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the MAP has reached an agreement for us to be able to access Continuous Professional Development resources online. Please note that the CPD online credits will count towards the 40 CME credit requirement for MAP Membership renewal which will be introduced in October 2019.

Should you wish to apply for CPD online proceed with payment below. Please note that in order for MAP to be able to apply for CPD online there has to be a minimum of 40 applications and if this number is not reached you will be notified and will receive a full refund. You will receive access to CPD online only once all applications are received and CPD online is applied for through MAP.

By subscribing below your fee will be automatically deducted yearly. If you would like to edit/ cancel your subscription you can do so from your personal Paypal account. Please contact us if you have any further queries or if you would like to pay via alternative methods. A full refund will be issued should you like to cancel prior to receiving access to CPD online.

Fee: €65 / Year