What counts as CPD?

The Maltese Association of Psychiatry (MAP) strives to promote the delivery of the highest quality of psychiatric care possible in Malta. To this end one of the MAP’s main objectives is to promote the continuous professional development (CPD) and the highest level of professional competence of its members.

CPD activities may include both learning activities which enhance existent skills, as well as activities that are directly related to the development of new capabilities in relation to each individual member’s field of practice and service needs within which they practice.

CPD Domains

CPD Activities may fall under 3 domains as described in more detail below. Activities carried out might fall under different domains depending on the individual member’s needs, it is up to the member to decide under which domain to categorize their activity.

Members are encouraged to achieve a balance of activities from different domains focusing especially on the Clinical domain should they have direct patient contact in their current practice. Activities related to formal undergraduate and postgraduate training required by the member do not count towards CPD.

  1. Clinical Domain

This includes all educational activities that relate to development of clinical skills, competence or knowledge.

Examples: lectures, seminars, courses, conferences, case-based discussions, clinical workshops, symposia, grand ward rounds, psych café meetings, etc.

2. Academic Domain

Examples include preparation for postgraduate teaching, research, audits, educational supervision, examining and publishing.

Members need to consider the learning required to successfully achieve the activity rather than carrying out the activity in itself.

3. Professional Domain

Activities that promote organizational, management, legal, administrative and non-clinical skills.

Examples: peer group meetings, multidisciplinary team meetings, management and leadership training, medico-legal training, relevant IT training, governance training, reviewing guidance for statutory body, etc.