The Maltese Association of Psychiatry (MAP) collaborates with different patient and professional entities in order to improve mental health services and promote mental health both on a national and an international level. Read more for further information about the associations with which MAP collaborates.

The Maltese Association of Psychiatric Trainees (MAPT)

MAPT is a non-profit organisation representing doctors undergoing training to become psychiatrists in Malta. MAP and MAPT work closely together to represent their members, to ensure a high standard of education, to promote mental well-being and to improve mental health services in Malta. MAPT is represented on the MAP Executive Committee ensuring ongoing communication and smooth running of both Associations. LEARN MORE.

The European Psychiatric Association (EPA)

The EPA is the main association that represents psychiatry in Europe. The role of the EPA is to support European psychiatrists on academic, research and service-delivery levels. The MAP is one of the 44 Associations on the EPA’s National Psychiatric Association Council. This Council provides a forum for its members to meet and discuss issues pertaining to psychiatry on a national and an international level. The Council of NPAs brings together representatives of psychiatrists from all European countries aiming to improve psychiatry and mental health care throughout the continent. Additionally, through a collaboration with the EPA Brussels office, the Council’s activities aim to bring forward important issues in the psychiatric field to the European Commission concerning psychiatry in Europe.LEARN MORE.

Alliance for Mental Health (A4MH)

MAP is one of the Associations which makes up A4MH. Other associations include the Richmond Foundation, the Mental Health Association and the Malta Association of Psychiatric Nurses. A4MH represents different mental health stakeholders; these include Service Users and mental health professionals from all backgrounds. The role of A4MH is to bring Associations working with mental health Service Users together and together voice any concerns which need to be addressed so as to improve Mental Health Services on the Maltese islands. A4MH’s ongoing work includes the proposal of an evidence-based National Strategy for Mental Health to the Maltese Government.