The Maltese Association of Psychiatry aims to set a high standard of Mental Health Service delivery in Malta. In doing so it encourages its members and all mental health professionals to practice evidence-based medicine and promotes the implementation and dissemination of local research.

This space is intended to showcase local research projects related to Psychiatry and help create an environment to support researchers. Research uploaded on this website is subject to review by the MAP Research Committee in order to ensure the quality of the projects submitted.

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Abstracts in this site are listed by date with the most recent first. You can search for specific abstracts by looking up keywords in the title. The type of research e.g. audit or study, is always specified in the title. Alternatively you can look up research by author in the drop-down menu further down to find research in the author’s name. The Published field refers to whether or not articles are published in Scientific Journals. If so, you can find a link to original article with the abstract.

Contact us if you would like to submit your research here or if you would like any further information.

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