What are the yearly CPD requirements for MAP Members?

Each Academic Year is taken to start on 1 October and ends on 30 September of the next year.

Credits:   An average of 40 CPD yearly credits are required from each individual member. A minimum amount of 10 credits per year must be submitted. Evidence of CPD activities may need to be submitted. Click here to learn more about about CPD evidence.

Leave and reduced hours: Members on prolonged sick leave, maternity leave, parental leave and those who work reduced hours are expected to acquire number of credits on a prorata basis depending on the hours worked. For example members who work 20 hour weeks will be required to submit 20 CPD credits per year. Members are requested to inform the MAP Executive Committee in writing about these circumstances and they may be asked to provide proof

Deadline for submission of information of CPD activities is 31 October of each year. It is important to submit your information by this deadline since afterwards the information will be automatically archived.

Failure of submission may lead to suspension from MAP as per Statute requirements.