A4MH welcomes Mental Health Strategy Relaunch

The A4MH welcomes the relaunch of the mental health strategy by Deputy PM Dr Fearne last Wednesday at the opening of a refurbished ward within MCH, in the light of his earlier commitment to giving priority to the mental health sector in the months ahead.

It is encouraging to note the effort put in by Mental Health Services and the investment by government in this first ward which meets international standards within mental health care.  This improvement will definitely ameliorate the patients’ experience within the psychiatric hospital, as well as that of the professionals and staff working there.

The overview of the plans for the new psychiatric hospital within the footprint of MDH is another welcome development, which we look forward to seeing completed within the stipulated 4 years.

During the press conference, Minister Fearne also announced the consideration of a much needed interim hospital.  This development is witness to the disposition of Mental Health Services to take on board stakeholders’ experience and act upon on it. 

Yesterday’s event is a step in the right direction with regard to the concrete implementation of the mental health strategy.  The reference to family members, and informal carers signify that the dialogue which took place over the past years has left its mark, and appreciation of the stakeholders has increased. We emphasise the importance of dialogue especially in the development of patient centred systems and work practices which impinge on the critical day to day issues which determine the holistic wellbeing of both patient and carer. The acknowledgement of the positive collaboration between Mental Health Services and NGOs is another aspect which forms the basis of further collaboration in the future.

A4MH finds this renewed sense of energy within the mental health sector very encouraging, and augurs that his positive stance will continue to permeate and reach more components of the sector to ensure a holistic positive service to anyone who needs mental health care.

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